Awaken your magic retreat

A Journey of Soul Exploration, Healing, and Awakening

through Yoga & Movement, Self & Nature Connection, and Sacred Plant Medicine

Sacred valley, Peru
Jan 15 - 23, 2022

The Calling...

You are a creative and adventurous spiritual seeker,

Driven by the quest for meaning, purpose, and deep healing so that you can thrive as your True Self. 

Your heart is called by magic – real magic, the kind that awakens something great within you…

And you desire to know the direct experience of awakening – beyond the mere concept of it.

You long to explore the caverns of your soul, and emerge with the self-understanding

That will support your purpose-driven life, and awaken your fire within. 

You resonate with the magic of nature, and yearn to know her secrets…

And you envision a better world – where our connection to love and to Earth is our key to healing.


Follow the Call to Peru this April for a
Journey of Pure Magic, Healing, and Awakening

awaken your magic retreat | April 24 - May 3, 2021


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Even in the normal world during peaceful times, a sacred medicine journey is an extraordinary and important experience to have. But now, with the world falling apart at the seams, it has become absolutely vital to return to your center and empower yourself to choose the direction of your life.

In these uncertain days of 2021, it can be difficult to hold a clear vision for the future, and stay connected to your purpose and path amidst the chaos. 

The Wild Awakening Retreat is an opportunity to work with sacred Huachuma medicine in a powerful collective container to help you create clarity, purpose, and light your inner fire now when it’s needed most.

It’s clear that the certainty we all once had has now become a vacuum to be filled with either fear and despair  – or love and creation. This is the choice that will either lead you into destruction – or raise you into the true meaning and purpose you seek.

This retreat is not for you to escape the global madness – for that you can find plenty on TripAdvisor. Instead, we’re here to actually harness the disruptive energy that’s sweeping the world right now and transmute into your self-empowerment

It is not by escaping, but by engaging with the forces at play in the world right now that we may transform them within ourselves into healing, creativity and awakening.

This immersive plant journey using sacred Huachuma is an opportunity to find your clarity in the chaos, and come deeply into yourself to embody a new level of creativity and purpose in your life.

What is huachuma medicine?

Huachuma is the Quechua name for a columnar cactus native to the Andes, commonly known as San Pedro. Drinking the brew made from this cactus produces a powerful healing and awakening experience through deep connection to yourself and spirit. Huachuma is a gentle yet profound shamanic medicine which opens you up directly to the source of love within yourself. Unlike some other plant medicines which can be detached from real life and difficult to integrate, Huachuma is completely integrative with the real world, bringing you deeper into your present life experience and offering immediate clarity for your path at hand. Working with this medicine can help inspire your creative energy and illuminate your vision for your life, as well as bring healing to your past so you can move forward with clear-hearted purpose and joy.  You can read more about the Huachuma experience on the Huachuma Wasi website here.

How does the huachuma journey work?

The power of the Huachuma experience is in the relationship you build with the medicine. While it is possible to have a life-changing experience in one ceremony, the most profound healing and transformation occurs over time. During this retreat, we will gradually build this relationship over 4 ceremonies, gently deepening our connection to the medicine in a way that relates directly back to life. 
Huachuma is also known as the cactus of 4 winds – just as the winds blow from each cardinal direction, this medicine gives the power to clear all directions for your life. With Huachuma as your ally, you will walk with confidence, clarity, and joy down whatever path you choose to pursue. 
Our ceremony days are spent immersed in energetically-charged places in the Sacred Valley, combining silent contemplation, private conversation, and gentle walks in nature.  Ceremony days will begin at 10am, and we return to the house at 6pm to integrate together over dinner and connection time. 

Huachuma Experience

In this video, Sergey shares his perspective on Huachuma medicine, and we share a taste of one of our recent ceremonies as it happens.

The Wild Awakening is an experience for spiritual seekers questing for purpose and depth in their life, to immerse in the magic of plant healing, creativity, heart connection, and true awakening in the Sacred Valley of Peru. 

The magic we'll explore:

  • Healing and awakening with Huachuma medicine
  • Shamanic ceremony and ritual
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and connective practices
  • Purpose discovery and  creative self-expression
  • Heart-opening with sacred cacao medicine
  • Energetic healing at sacred sites and power spots
  • Authentic relating and connection
  • Consciousness expansion and spiritual growth
  • Adventures around the Sacred Valley (day trip to Ollantaytambo, and optional trip to Machu Picchu (not included in price)

What's Included:

  • 10 days, 9 nights accommodation at Huachuma Wasi retreat center (all rooms are private)
  • Daily home-cooked vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Note: ceremony days will be dinner only as we fast with medicine)
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, fruit, and drinking water
  • 4 guided Huachuma ceremonies conducted in nature
  • Daily yoga and breathwork practice
  • Integrative sharing circles and creative workshops
  • Cacao ceremony and other *surprise* sacred ritual
  • Day trip to Incan ruins in Ollantaytambo
  • Retreat journal and other surprise gifts
  • All transportation to excursions and activities
  • Airport pickup and dropoff (also available to & from hotel in Cusco)
  • Post-retreat integration session with Kristen

The Magic of peru

We will be staying in the town of Calca, just 20 minutes from Pisac and an hour from Cusco in the magical Sacred Valley of Peru

With the breathtaking Andes 
surrounding our home base, we will be immersed in vibrant Incan culture, walking distance to gorgeous river trails, local markets, and a short ride to explore other parts of the Sacred Valley in your free time.  

Peru is a country steeped in shamanic culture, and you’ll be experiencing firsthand the deep connection to the land and indigenous plant medicine here.

We’ll have a day trip to Ollantaytambo, an Incan archaeological site, as well as an optional trip to Machu Picchu, the famous Inca citadel. Simply soaking in the spiritual magic of the Sacred Valley is medicine in itself -helping you reconnect to nature and yourself.

The Call to Rise Into Your Power is Now

The soul Tribe

Human connection is medicine in itself, and in 2021 we’re all being deprived of the healing and nourishing power of deep time spent with like-minded and like-hearted people. 

Your medicine journey will unfold with a tight-knit group of fellow spiritual seekers, and over our 10 days, we will deepen together in ceremony and bond through integration, daily practice, creative workshops, meals, exploring the culture of Peru, and quality time spent in a medicine family. You will leave with a new tribe of people to support you on your path moving forward, and a forever link to our magical home in the Sacred Valley.

Your GuideS

Kristen Yates (coach and facilitator) and Sergey Baranov (founder of Huachuma Wasi)

Kristen Yates is a holistic creativity and embodiment coach, yoga instructor, and facilitator with a passion for bringing people back to their most powerful essence, purpose, and truth within.

Her facilitation approach combines a unique array of tools, models, and philosophies that she’s gained and studied over 10 years of traveling and working in personal and spiritual development. She is passionate about plant medicine healing, and helps her clients activate their truth and inner power as the key to their freedom. You can learn more about Kristen here and 
follow her journey on Instagram.

Sergey Baranov is the founder of Huachuma Wasi, and will guide our four Huachuma experiences.  Living in various countries and growing up in different cultures, Sergey gained an understanding of the essential core of human experience that lies beneath the differences to be found in every culture. By walking different paths and seeing through their limitations, Sergey found shamanism as a unifying path for all people regardless of their cultural background.

Working with the sacred Huachuma cactus, he uncovered an ancient way of celebrating the gift of life through a deep connection to the natural environment and the cosmos. You can read more about Sergey here. 

raices inka retreat center

Nestled in the heart of the Peruvian Andes in the town of Calca, Huachuma Wasi is the home base for our retreat magic. In our comfortable accommodations surrounded by nature, you’ll find all you need for a journey of awakening, inspiration, and empowerment.

Our accommodations

All of our rooms are comfortable, modern private rooms with cozy furnishings and access to a large shared kitchen (4 of the rooms have ensuite kitchens included.) We have access to a beautiful garden, shared common yoga space with terrace, and a cozy common living space with dining table, sofas, and fireplace to integrate and connect together in the evenings after ceremony. 

Travel + Logistics

You will fly into Cusco Airport (CUZ) and we will send you a taxi to our retreat center. As travel information is often changing, please stay up to date with current regulations below:

U.S. Embassy in Peru – COVID-19 Information

In order to enter Peru, you currently need to fill out a health affadavit with the address of our retreat center (which we will provide you after registration.

Health Affadavit – Peru

While travel-related obstacles right now may be an impenetrable fog to some, they are but a gentle cloud revealing the majestic Andes for those who see through with a clear intent. 

Join us in Peru

Early Bird Pricing: Save $200 if you book by March 1

Private room with ensuite bathroom and kitchen:


($2197 after March 1)

Private room with shared bathroom:


($1997 After March 1)

A $200 deposit is required to reserve your space, and the remaining payment is due before you arrive. 

I will be in touch with you by email to set up your preferred room choice, and either a payment plan, or pay-in-full option.
You will also receive an intake form to complete upon registration. 

LoVe from Past retreats 💕

Kristen is one of the brightest lights I’ve ever seen in this world, honestly – so to get to spend a week with her was the greatest gift.

One thing that really stands out about Kristen is this spectrum of depth, the huge capacity she has for depth on a deep, soul, love, compassion level – and then her capacity for joy, play, humor, and dance... she just has this huge capacity and breadth for all of the things – feeling the emotion, and the experience of life. For me, being around Kristen and being taught by Kristen is really just to experience life in the fullest. 

Leaving this retreat, I’m walking away with a very peaceful heart - something that isn’t always easy for me. I can easily get in my head and be very self-critical, and that was one of my intentions coming in was to tap into my inner self worth and self love. Walking away I feel very loving of myself, I feel so much peace in my heart and love for myself and a deeper love for others. Ultimately, that’s what I want – to live a life of love, and I really feel like I got to deepen that here at the retreat with all the wonderful people, beautiful facilitators, and beautiful Bali! It’s been an incredible journey. 
-- Jamie Grant, Awaken the Magic Retreat
Kristen’s Soul on Fire Retreat was amazing. I can’t even explain how much magic there was and how beautifully it all came together with the people, the teachers, the exercises, the adventures, the food, the mix of work and relaxation. It all just added up to such a magical weekend.

I came into this feeling introverted and in my head, and the shared journey and adventures and yoga and ceremony and creative exercises cracked open my heart and allowed me to be relaxed and open and really flowing both in my personal and professional development.

Kristen is an awesome facilitator who really created a transformational space for us all on the retreat. She possesses the perfect blend of being a strong leader with great skills (especially yoga!), but also an equal member of the family we formed together.
-- Mike Iskandar, Soul on Fire Retreat
My experience was so wonderful because I had the opportunity to connect with so many different people. Meeting this many people, I was initially a bit nervous, because I typically tend to shy away from larger groups. But the connection workshops that we did, and spending time with each other - I felt so safe, and I didn’t have the normal “group anxiety” that I tend to have. 

I’m walking away with a sense of individuality and more understanding of myself and the ways that I’m currently showing up in the world - and how I can shift that to something that I want more. Maybe I want to show up differently than I have been - and I feel like this really made that clear and brought that to light. 
-- Kaleigh Smith, Awaken the Magic Retreat
I really loved the retreat - it was really everything I had hoped for. I was hoping to get away, to rest, to relax, to reset, but I was also hoping to get back into flow, re-center, and get redirection going for myself.

I definitely am leaving totally reenergized. I have a lot of new areas of focus now, where I felt really discombobulated before - and it’s all because I was able to bring a lot of my areas of concern to the group, and bounce it off the group - and with the help of everyone, I was able to see that these are the kinds of things I want to go home and put my focus towards. I feel really organized with how I’m going to move forward from here, coming out of this retreat. 

Really, the community part of this is what makes it so cool - I do tons of personal development on my own, and it’s effective, for sure - but I’ve been doing it the last year and a half - and bringing that kind of personal development stuff to this community in a 6-day block really catapults those efforts in an unprecedented way. It’s totally different - because you’re in this group of like-minded individuals, it changes everything. 
-- Whitney Goff, Awaken the Magic Retreat

This was my first retreat, and it couldn’t have gone any better! We all immediately started connecting from the get-go, and created a very space warm place to express anything we felt or anything that wanted to be shared.

The group made the experience so amazing - our energies combined from the beginning and it created such a safe space for everyone to fully express what they were feeling with no judgment.

I feel free, and fearless! I feel like there’s a lot of things for me to do to continue this journey, and even build a stronger connection with myself and all the people I’ve met.
-- Azalea Solari, Awaken the Magic Retreat
Kristen is an amazing facilitator who creates beautiful space for transformation. She’s truly in her element when guiding a group – her openness, availability, and passion for sharing this work is such a special experience.
-- Janie Lin, Soul on Fire Retreat


Questions about Huachuma:

The power of the Huachuma experience is in the relationship you build with the medicine. While it is possible to have a life-changing experience in one ceremony, the most profound healing and transformation occurs over time. During this retreat, we will gradually build this relationship over 4 ceremonies, gently deepening our connection to the medicine in a way that relates directly back to life.

Your first ceremony will be a gentle introduction to the medicine, and your experience will unfold from there. Sergey will work directly with you to determine the amount of medicine that’s right for you in each ceremony to have a safe and healing experience. 

Our ceremonies will take place in 4 different energetically power places in nature – a beautiful river, where you get a chance to wash your fears away; a field of silence, a family-owned property surrounded by eucalyptus trees and beautiful mountains, where you experience silence while listening to birds; and a special ancient ceremonial place where you have a chance to connect and feel the energy of what we call a huaca in Peru, a place of power or an ancestral site. Our fourth and final ceremony will take place in a surprise location – as a powerful and magical place to solidify your intentions movign forward.

A Huachuma ceremony starts at 10:00 am. We take the medicine in the maloca, the ceremonial space. After this we go out and spend all day in nature in silence, which allows for greater connection, contemplation and self-reflection. We return to our center around 5:30 pm and close the ceremony in the maloca. Around 6:00 pm we finish and everyone is free to rest, cook a meal and relax in the main house by the fireplace.

Nope!  There are no dietary requirements to work with Huachuma. On the morning of ceremony, we will not eat breakfast and take the medicine with an empty stomach. In the evenings, we’ll enjoy a delicious dinner together. 

It’s helpful to bring an intention to your ceremonies, but you’ll also become clearer on your intentions and visions once you’re here and begin the journey. 

No. The dose and the type of the medicine are intuitively measured and given for each person. There are sensitive people who need lighter medicine and a smaller dose, and there are those who need stronger medicine and a bigger dose. There are people who are new to the medicine and those who have had previous experiences. This is an important process that must be always respected. We take our time to gradually guide you into your experience. Sergey will discuss this with you prior to the first ceremony, and he will be guiding you throughout the retreat. 

There are no known risks or drug interactions for working with Huachuma medicine. It is perhaps the safest and most tolerant plant healer and teacher you can find on our planet.

This being said, once you have registered for the retreat, we will send you a form to share about your prior experience with plant medicine (if any), and any physical and psychological health conditions we should know about.

Yes, Huachuma is legal for use in Peru.

Questions about the Retreat:
Vaccines are not required to enter Peru. It is a personal choice you have to make based on your own research. You may consider getting a typhoid vaccine (which can come through unclean water) – but keep in mind we will be drinking filtered water and eating most meals at home, so the risk is low.
We recommend consulting the CDC website for vaccine information:
There have been no known cases of either malaria or yellow fever in the Cusco region. For more information please visit the CDC’s website here.
Yes, all incoming travelers are currently required to show a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival, as well as a signed affadavit of health and proof of address upon arrival. 
We recommend you stay up to date with the current health requirements for travel to Peru here:
You can access the affadavid ot health here: 
Citizens of most American and Western European countries do not require a tourist visa. You will receive a visa for up to 183 days at the customs desk upon entry. You will need to have a valid passport.
We will have 4 full days of ceremony and 4 full days off from ceremony (in addition to our arrival and departure days.) Ceremony days will alternate with off days – with the exception of our final ceremony, which will have two days off prior. 
On non-ceremony days, we will have a creative purpose-based workshop, integration circles, connective practices, yoga and meditation, and time for you to reflect, write, and rest. You will also have free time to walk into town, explore the area, and simply enjoy our time together here at the retreat center. 
You’ll need cash when you’re here, as most places in town won’t take credit or debit cards if you want to pay for anything outside what’s covered in the retreat.
There are ATMs in town where you can easily withdraw money (in either USD or Peruvian soles – although you’ll need soles for most things here.) 
We have an excellent WiFi connection at Huachuma Wasi, so no worries about staying connected. However, we do recommend that you disconnect from technology as much as possible during the retreat. Of course, if you need to check in with work or family, it’s completely fine! Kristen has actually been living here long-term working remotely, so this is a completely sustainable place to work online if you choose to stay longer. 

Totally. 🙂 If you have an open schedule or flexibility with remote work, you are welcome to join us to stay longer after the retreat! You will find that the work with Huachuma is a process that deepens over time, so if you do have the opportunity, an extended stay can be transformational. 

Our retreat will end officially on April ___, and we will close the group container. If you do choose to stay longer, you’ll be able to work remotely from our WiFi connection and join ceremonies whenever you like. Sergey will discuss with you an arrangement for a longer stay if you desire. 

We are in a very fortunate and unique situation that yes, if you are unable to travel due to COVID restrictions between now and the retreat, I will either credit your payment to the postponed retreat, or refund your payment. 

While airlines are quite flexible right now due to the situation, we recommend you purchase travel insurance with your flight just in case. 


questions? want to connect?

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