Raise Standards

Why You Need to Raise Your Standards

Do you want to live a more empowered life? It’s time to raise your STANDARDS!

Look at your life now. Are you holding yourself to the highest possible standards? The standards that you’d hold yourself to if you were completely WORTHY and MAGNIFICENT?! (hint… you are!!!)

It’s time to stop going through life on autopilot. Intentionally raise your standards, and focus yourself on meeting and EXCEEDING them daily – to take your life to the next level!


How would it be to feel energy and vitality coursing through your body, helping you flow with ease and inspiration through your day? What would it feel like to nourish yourself with the foods and movement that make you feel completely vibrant and giddy with life?

When you raise your standard for your own health, you will astronomically improve the quality of your life. This means valuing yourself at such a high level that you choose organic, whole foods to nourish your temple and movement practices that keep you flexible and strong. You commit to feeling nothing less than vibrant energy and radiant health flowing through you – because you are worth not a bit less.


Take a look at the current relationships in your life. Reflect on those that energize you… inspire you… the people who support you and help you become the kind of person you desire to be.

Now look at any relationships that are weighing you down. Maybe it’s the hyper-critical or judgmental friend who clutters your headspace with their negative chatter, or the toxic ex-relationship that you haven’t yet been fully able to clean out of your emotional closet.

It’s time, my friends, to raise your standards for your relationships. This doesn’t mean shutting people out of your life left and right – it means setting boundaries for the types of energy you allow in your close circle. You are a direct reflection of your 5 closest relationships, so it’s time to choose those wisely. Choose loving, mutually supportive relationships as your closest connections, and limit time spent with toxic energy vampires.


Do you think that happiness is something that just *happens* to you? Well, if you like being happy… you’ll want to think again.

Happiness is a choice – it’s a responsibility!!

It’s up to YOU to come FROM a place of joy and happiness in your life – not to expect your outside circumstances to somehow bring you this feeling. Of course – love and accept ALL of your feelings – don’t repress them in attempts to feel happy.

But make happiness your new standard for how you intend to approach your life. When you shift your expectations around happiness – and realize that it’s up to YOU to bring the joy – you’ll start to experience life in a whole new way.

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Ready to raise your standards for your own life, and start living from an empowered space?


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