plant medicine &
Psychedelic integration

I support people in working with sacred earth medicines to deepen their healing and inner awakening journey,
as well as to process and integrate transformational experiences with plant medicine and psychedelics.

Below you can find a few ways we can work together in your psychedelic / plant medicine journey:

Private Medicine Ceremony

I am currently offering private psilocybin medicine ceremonies for those seeking individualized support through psychedelic therapy.

Together, we will create a space for you to explore all parts of yourself and to move through a healing process safely and with deep intention.

Psychedelic therapy has the capacity to help clear long-held blockages and unwind deep-seated traumas, open your heart to greater states of love and compassion, and expand in your creativity, self-expression, and sense of purpose in life.

My approach to this work is empathic and holistic, attuned to each individual and weaving together tools from traditional counseling, trauma-informed somatic therapy, parts work, embodied relating, shamanic and energy healing, and intuitive guidance.

We will meet for at least three pre-ceremony counseling sessions to form a therapeutic connection, and to support your preparation in mind, body, heart, and spirit for this experience.
  • Inner child healing/parts work
  • Self-expression and creative freedom
  • Unblocking limiting beliefs & stuck patterns
  • Exploration of your purpose and true path in life
  • Revealing and integrating shadow parts
  • Compassion and self-love
  • Healing relationships/relational dynamics 
Note: A detailed intake and introductory conversation are required to determine whether psychedelic therapy is a good fit for you. We will also start with at least three counseling sessions to create a therapeutic connection and to help you prepare for our medicine ceremony together. 
For more information, email me at, or book a call with me below:

Psychedelic Integration

The most important part of any sacred plant medicine experience is the integration process, as this is where you learn how to process and weave the wisdom and insights received from these profound and often mystical experiences into the reality of your everyday life.
Through integration work together, we will help you lay a solid foundation for your healing journey to continue unfolding, planting the seeds of your ongoing shifts and transformation in fertile soil and supporting you with tools and practices to help you thrive over time. 
  • Processing the material revealed in a journey or retreat
  • Prioritizing and grounding new insights
  • Creating actionable changes in your life based on your experience
  • Tools and practices to support you
  • Self-care and nourishment
  • Learning how to create sustainable positive changes
  • Accountability for goals moving forward
  • Somatic awareness
  • Yoga, breathwork, energetics
  • Emotional freedom tools
  • Trauma release/healing
  • Shadow work
  • Inner child and parts work
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Shamanic practices such as journeywork, soul/power retrieval

I also offer preparation work for psychedelic therapy/ceremony/retreat. 

This work involves:

  • Clarifying your intention, mindset, and heart space
  • Cultivating healthy energy to support your work
  • Learning how to meet your shadow material
  • Holistic tools to support and prepare your mind, body, heart, and spirit prior to your experience with the medicine

Microdosing Mentorship

I offer a coaching/mentorship program for people wanting to explore the benefits of working with psilocybin through a customized microdosing protocol. This journey includes a preparation call and preparatory resources, three months of weekly coaching, a comprehensive microdosing guide and journal, and support in sourcing the medicine. 

For more information, please book an introductory session below. 

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