My Experience Snorkeling in Belize

Water….is magic.

This past month, we had the opportunity to explore some magical watery worlds….from the gorgeous cerulean cenote sinkholes to swimming with sharks and stingrays and all the incredible life teeming under the surface at the Belize Barrier Reef 🐠🦀🐚(nurse sharks, okay… but swimming with sharks sounds way more badass!)

In one moment during that snorkeling adventure, I found myself still…floating above the intricate coral structures, sponges, and habitatsbelow…. I had this feeling that there were secrets here, secrets about life, answers, a blueprint somehow…..

I asked the universe to show me something miraculous 🤗 (do you play games with the universe like this? It’s fun!! Just ask for a sign…a miracle…something to spark Joy or laughter…and watch it arrive!!) I digress…

Moments after silently asking this, three schools of fish came darting forth, swirling and spiraling in the most awe-inspiring ways …it was actually almost psychadelic. Knowing this it my universe sign, I watched closely as they danced in formations, weaving seamlessly in and out, around my body, not even caring this big human fish was in their way 😂

As I lost myself to their movements, I saw something more…. I saw in the swirling of collective movement, a flower of life pattern that represents the base structure of reality underlying everything. I’d seen this before… and here it was again. Showing itself more and more these days…. as though the veil is thinning….just the reminder I needed.

Laughing, almost high with the miracle of the universe’s swift and playful response to my query… I left this experience humbled by the collective intelligence ALWAYS at play….that which is not separate from us, but which IS us!!

Just another sign…one of many. Such an amazing experience exploring the watery magical worlds (right along with the core nature of reality itself) in Mexico with this tribe…

Do you play with the universe? 🌀🌈 It is SO ready to take your breath away with its (our) magic!!! 🌟

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