Life is a Spiral – So Don’t Get Caught in This Trap

I want to share about a trap that many of us “personal growth junkies” can easily get caught in.

Mainly because I noticed myself getting all wrapped up in it just the other day 🙃

It’s this idea that… “We haven’t done “ENOUGH” WORK…. haven’t done it “RIGHT”…. or still have “SO MUCH” more work to do on ourselves before we’ll actually be the person we want to be – achieving the results we want to experience.” 🤪

Of COURSE we seek growth – maybe you’re someone who spends time reflecting on where you’ve been and where you’re going… refining your core values, and building awareness around your mindset, patterns, habits and beliefs.

All AMAZING ways to deepen self-knowledge and stay on a path of growth!

But, I’ve found that there is a fine line between committing to growth, and becoming stuck in a constant cycle of “not-enoughness” when it comes to our perceived journey.

Case in point… I came across an old series of videos I made a few years back, when working through a life transition out of a difficult relationship.

I was so committed to transforming my mind and habits, rewiring my beliefs, and embodying a far greater level of self-worth and inner empowerment that would liberate me from these patterns repeating in my life. 🔥

But when I found these videos… my first thought was, “OH MY GOSH – I never finished the job!! There’s SO much more left to do here – these patterns are the SAME, they’re manifesting in NEW ways, it’s so sad that I never reached this level of warrior-like mindset and unshakeable self-worth and powerful presence that I had set out to achieve with this transition – WE GOTTA GET TO WORK YO LIKE RIGHT NOWWW” ⚡️


Okay so – this might be a bit extreme – but do you get my drift?


In actuality – we are ALWAYS evolving and re-inventing. Our life is a spiral – so what feels like past patterns returning is often just returning to that same part of the spiral with a HIGHER perspective. There is no “THERE” to get to. And guess what – you’re integrating and growing without needing to “try” for it. Yes – all the self-work and intentional growth is amazing – AND – it can become a trap if you’re not aware of it.

This SPIRAL is MEANT to bring you back to the places where you’ve been before. Have you ever had this somewhat eerie sense that you’re revisiting similar patterns, people, situations? Do you ever notice that you’re actually revisiting them from a higher perspective?

Take a look at the spiral image. Like, really look at it.

So sit back and watch the process – like a flower unfolding – the timing is always perfect. It couldn’t possibly be otherwise

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