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Our Reality (and Identity) is Created from the Inside Out

I’ve been thinking alot lately about how Every. Little. Thing we experience in our world outside is coming RIGHT from the source. Inside of us.

Truly – I mean, think about it. When you wake up and have a gorgeous morning of yoga, meditation, and a healthy breakfast… leave the house feeling nourished with a smile in your heart… you see this reflected right back to you. And of course, the opposite is true.

But even more than that… Have you ever noticed that when you’re tackling a certain issue in your life, you tend to run across people who are dealing with something similar?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a coaching call with a client, helping them work through the EXACT same type of issues that have recently been going on in my own life.

It’s been a long, wild ride of a journey to dig deep into my own consciousness and understand the deeper meaning of reality.

You might call me an obsessed existential seeker…. Sometimes…. I just don’t “get” the whole mundane, “day-to-day” thing. I just want to understand the workings of the mind, and how this whole, creating our life thing works……

It’s not even about getting somewhere “better” – trust me, that can be a trap. Plenty of spiritual and consciousness explorers are caught in the trap of “When I reach _____ (XYZ mind state, or some external results, or enlightened relationship, or whatever) THEN I’ll be happy.” But that’s not it at all….

(And – it’s not like I haven’t been caught in that trap too!! Ohhhhh boy ðŸ˜œ)

But what it IS about – (at least, what I see in this very present moment today, ask me again tomorrow ðŸ™ƒ) is gaining the awareness THAT our inner state creates our outer world – and gaining the tools to PLAY with that.

Again…. not about STRIVING for a better state. But learning to PLAY with the inner/outer workings – IDENTITY —> results, for example….. and starting to see and experience life as this flowing game of growth – upward and upward – not getting “somewhere” but simply accessing the awareness of WHO we actually ARE – and the POWER we have to create our experience thru our mind, beliefs, identity, and connection with source.

Does that make any sense? If so, that’s amazing because this was complete stream of consciousness ðŸĪŠ Happy Sunday from Bulgaria… and expect much more from my end on mindset (/body/spirit) reinvention very soon….. The pieces are connecting ðŸ”Ĩ

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