Chill Out… We’re All Figuring Out This Life Thing Together

One of my favorite things is taking yoga classes in a different language…

There’s a distinct kind of embodiment that happens when I flow intuitively with the energy of the room, hearing the “words beneath the words”…. (such a great practice for LIFE!)

Something really funny happened the other night though…

In a class of about 6 or 7 of us, the teacher’s style was different than the others I’d taken… a bit less intuitive 🙂

Anyway, I thought, “It’s all good… everyone else obviously understands, so clearly I can follow suit!”

So on we go… I’ve got my flow on, the Spanish is really fast and I don’t get it, but the guys behind me seem to…. so we’re all doing our thing….

Until I realize that the whole back row doesn’t speak Spanish either 😂 And they’re watching ME! …..who’s also kinda watching the front row girl, who definitely understands Spanish….right?

Okay, so who’s leading? Who’s following? Who gets what’s actually going on here?! Somehow we’re all still right on point though….

I laughed with the guy when we met after class – watching each other, both totally winging it, with no idea who was actually right. It struck me as an insanely appropriate metaphor for life! Right?!


Do they though? 😊

Now I’m not saying we’re all clueless, not by any means 🙏

But too often – we idealize others! Comparing ourselves – when in reality, HERE’S HOW I KINDA THINK LIFE WORKS:

🔥 Nobody has it the f*ck figured out
🔥 Everybody’s kinda looking around the class
🔥 Everybody’s totally just figuring it out on the way
🔥 Rocking it sometimes, stumbling a bit, tripping, flying
🔥 And we all rise – as we figure it out together 💜

So. If you’ve ever been in that literal or metaphorical class where the words are totally over your head and you’re just hanging on…. remember!

The point of this ride of life is to PLAY – is to get your hands dirty – to explore – NOT to “get it right!”


So let it all wash over you. Follow your bliss. Giggle. Don’t take it all too seriously.

And dont. Forget. To breathe 😘

(Photo taken with my soul sista Marion on Orcas this spring… where we definitely got our play on! ❤️)

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