Celebrate the Little Wins

Do you ever find yourself spending time thinking about ALL the things you want to accomplish? Feeling completely excited about the big picture vision, but TOTALLY overwhelmed by the space stretching forward between here and there?

Let me tell you… you’re not alone.

It’s the gift and the curse of us passionate creators. We have SUCH big visions for what we want to create and put out into the world – that we often feel discouraged that it’s not all done like, yesterday!

And because we’re such achievers, it can be really hard to not see the checklist of all our amazing goals accomplished already.

You know the old cliche, “It’s the journey, not the destination”…well. It may be true, but it’s not exactly what you want to hear when ALL YOU WANT is to finally feel like you’ve accomplished something, created something, finished something.

When all you want is to finally see your ideas brought into fruition.

Listen. You can’t do it all at once.

And why would you want to?

That would be watering yourself down in a diluted, spread-too-thin way, that’s not going to serve or impact anybody.

One thing at a time, my friends. One thing at a time.

Which brings us to those little wins. Those delightful, delicious little wins that might seem so small, but actually mean absolutely everything.

The amazing conversation you had with a friend who inspired them to take action.

The blog post you wrote and finished and felt GREAT about.

The time you asked for that raise and GOT it because you fully embodied your true worth – and anyone would be crazy not to honor that.

The 10 straight days of meditation. Then 20. Then 30.

You see – life happens in the little wins. We might think to ourselves that we’ll feel happy when we have ALL THE THINGS checked off our life success list. When we’re finally a speaker, writer, coach, teacher, consultant with a bag full of best-selling books, TED talks lined up through the next 5 years and that amazing relationship, monthly vacations, and….. well, you get the picture.

Nope. It’s the little wins. Without those – there are no big wins.

AND HERE’S THE KICKER! If you don’t notice the little wins? Don’t celebrate them as though they are the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU?!

Then your big wins will be MUCH farther away.

If you take the to actually celebrate the seemingly small wins in your life and work, you send energy in this direction. You actually attract MORE of what you’re celebrating.

Where attention goes, energy flows. 

So what if the “little wins” were a cause for a HUGE celebration?

Then, what might our reality look like?

Well… it might look a little ridiculous.

It might look like a dance party in the coffee shop every 30 minutes.

It might look like lots of smiling, giggling, happiness and silliness – all for apparently no reason.

It might look nothing like what the outside world would expect…

And it might lead to all of those little wins, building on top of other little wins…

And those little wins piling up on all of the others…

Because celebration, my friends, is attractive.

It’s rich, it’s juicy, it’s basically the double cheese-veggie-burger in the cafe of the universe.

Which means….

It’s the stuff you REALLY need, to create MORE of the life you really desire.

Don’t let the little wins slip by. They are the building blocks for creating anything and everything you could ever desire.

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