Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a modality which uses the theta brain wave of quantum shift to refocus our thoughts, stimulate healing in the body, reprogram subconscious beliefs, and freely create the world we wish to experience.

Access Healing at the Quantum Level

Theta healing is centered around a particular issue or area of your life that YOU are looking to shift. Sessions may work on anything from money blocks to relationships, purpose clarity, business or family life issues. Theta uniquely accesses quantum states to move stuck energy through the body, in order to create new conditions of healing, shift, and clarity. 

During a session, we’ll use a process of focused meditation, intuitive reading, and subconscious opening while in a theta brain state to access and clear trapped beliefs and blockages in your system.

What is theta brain state, and why is it so important?

The theta brain state is that of deep relaxation or meditation – it is an entry point to the subconscious mind, and root of our conscious reality. By accessing this state during a session with lucidity and awareness, we’re able to create shifts not otherwise possible with the conscious mind. 

Theta Healing Sessions

Sessions are 60-minutes in duration and conducted in person or over Zoom video call.
(Theta healing is equally as effective virtually as in person.)

Single session: $110

Package of 4 sessions: $397

Once you’ve booked your session(s), go ahead and find a time on my calendar below to set up your first session!

I’ll be in touch with you by email to let you know about how to prepare for your Theta Healing session.

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