Tell Me Your Truth…

It doesn’t interest me how many figures you’re making.

I want to know what unspoken dreams make your heart beat faster in the dark hours, the longings of your heart that send shivers down your spine. Tell me about the passion that makes you lose track of time, and the difference you long to leave in the world with the precious gift of your unique energy and purpose.

I don’t really care how many countries you’ve been to.

I want to know if you’ve lost yourself to the journey then found yourself in a new way, allowing your own identity to collapse for the moment in becoming a vessel for the breathtaking array of lives and love around you. I want to know about the moments of pure humanity that have touched your soul to its depths and left you forever changed.

It doesnt matter how long you’ve been a nomad or entrepreneur.

I want to know what drives you to keep exploring and creating, what visions pull you towards something greater than yourself. Tell me about the times you wake up so inspired to create, to bring something inside of you out into the world, and the joy you feel in simply bringing your vision to life.

I don’t care what your conversion rate is.

I want to know if you can show me your heart, and gently yet fiercely create a safe space for me to show you mine. I want to hear about the times you’ve loved and lost and hurt… and how you’ve learned to trust again, rediscovering your capacity to hold a deeper kind of love than you ever imagined.

It couldn’t mean less to me how many followers you have.

I want to know if you dare to go to the deepest core of your fears and pains, then rise into your wildest, most childlike bliss and ecstasy. I want to see how you express pure joy, and pure love – unrestrained, uninhibited, completely free.

It doesn’t interest me how many businesses you’ve sold.

I want to hear about those moments that have blown open your worldview, causing you to question everything you ever learned. I want to know what captivates you, what your soul is so hungry to take in that it could never be satiated – and how you dream to change the world with what you learn.

I’m not interested in your latest passive income stream….

I want to know about what’s so sacred to you that it brings you to your knees with devotion. I want to hear about the connections that have filled you with love, the lives that you’ve touched and those that have changed yours forever.

So right now, tell me less about your launch plan, or funnel, or latest SEO hack…..

And tell me more about the last time you wept with emotion that overcame your entire being with a greater energy than you even understand. Tell me about the moments in your life that have taken your breath away in their sheer magnitude of resonance with something deep and infinite inside of you.

Tell me about the times you’ve touched the core of love and dwelled there in awestruck gratitude and deep knowing that it was, indeed, you… all along.

Just my thoughts of the moment…..

(…inspired by The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer 💕✨)

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