shamanic healing

Shamanic healing is a powerful practice which allows us to access the root causes of blockages in our lives, and align with the true path our soul is destined for. 

This work is wonderful for both trauma healing and integration, as well as life purpose discovery, self-inquiry, shifting mindset blocks and limiting beliefs, healing relational issues, and accessing greater levels of personal and spiritual empowerment. 

In a shamanic healing session, we begin by dropping in to discuss what you are looking to move and shift in your life. We will then enter into a journeying space, where I will work with my Guides and journey on your behalf to retrieve lost power or soul parts that have caused a fragmentation in your energy. Bringing back these parts (which may be related to your life or your ancestral lineage) is incredibly vital to experiencing wholeness and strength in your sense of self and empowerment in your life. I may also perform extractions on any intrusive energy or engage in other healing practices as guided to assist you in returning to a state of wholeness.

After the healing journey, we will integrate together and share what was revealed and moved through in the session. I will leave you with integrative practices to support the work done together, and will be available for post-session support! 

Sessions are 90-min and are currently being offered at a sliding scale. 

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