Microdosing Mentorship

Microdosing with sacred plants is a powerful tool for shifting engrained patterns and behaviors, deepening our inner connection, and expanding into new possibilities for our creativity and potential.

Microdosing, simply put, entails working with small, sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic medicines over a period of time for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. Psychedelic experiences really exist on a spectrum; of course there are ceremonial doses of plant medicine which can bring you on a deep, transpersonal journey, there are mid-range doses, and there are small/micro-doses which is the focus of this particular work and mentorship. 

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to explore microdosing, including to amplify personal growth, creativity, and self-awareness, to improve mood, focus and cognitive functioning, and to support emotional healing.

Building New Neural Pathways

You can think of ceremony and integration work together as nurturing a precious garden of seeds you are planting in your life. After preparing the soil and laying the seeds, you learn to nourish the seeds and their environment in a way that you will see the healthy new life begin to grow and thrive over time. 

Just as with a garden, it is important to honor the process and stay committed to the care of your inner world, especially after a plant medicine ceremony or retreat. Through integration support, we create a plan unique for your process to walk through each step of the journey to lasting change. 

Tools we may weave
with your Microdosing protocol:

Themes & Topics we may
explore together:

Microdosing Mentorship:

I work with people in a 3-month container to begin weaving the benefits of microdosing psychedelic medicine into their lives. 

Together, we will set you up with a microdosing protocol with either psilocybin (mushrooms) or mescaline (San Pedro cactus) to pair with a full coaching and mentorship program, tools and resources, journaling and reflection guides, and personalized support along the way.

I will generally require that we have at least 2 coaching/therapy sessions together before discussing microdosing.

Please contact me directly to speak about the potential for microdosing work together. 

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