Medicine & Magic

A 10-Week Journey to Activate your Inner Healer and Potential Within

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You are the healer you've been looking for.

Living in your power is no longer an option. Rise up to claim it.

Navigating this “new world” hasn’t been easy – in fact, you may be feeling downright exhausted and OVER IT all (um, hi!) 

But the fact is, while we can’t change the world around us – we can change how we show up for it – by empowering ourselves within.

Awakening your inner healer, to fortify your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength and resilience. 

Connecting back to your True Self and the magic you have the inherent ability to create – so you can THRIVE – here and now.

It’s time to build up your medicine kit with the sacred tools and practices to create vital health and spiritual resilience from the inside out – so you can live in your Wild Power and Potential. 

Because we need you lit up and thriving. A new world is forming, and if you’re here reading this, you may be a part of building it. It all starts with activating your own medicine within.

Medicine & Magic is a unique program and community infused with the sacred - and designed to UPLIFT and and EMPOWER you as a Healer, Visionary, and Creator.

Become your own Medicine.
create your own Magic.

Over 10 weeks together, we will awaken and explore your
Inner Healer, Creator and Visionary on the following (virtual) journey:
  • Eight 90-minute group mentorship calls based on the week’s topic
  • Two community calls (during integration weeks) where you can find extra support and inspiration from our tribe
  • One 45-min private session with me to be used at anytime in the journey 
  • Weekly Medicine & Magic workbooks (8) packed with tools, inspiration, and practices to support you in your journey of healing, awakening, and creating your most powerful self. 
  • My toolkit of additional practices & rituals including energy healing, breathwork, movement and somatic healing practices
  • Music playlists and audio meditations for each stage of the journey
  • Unlimited 1-1 support by email and WhatsApp for the duration of the journey (use this however you like — I’m here for you!!) 
  • A community of like-hearted Soul + Medicine Tribe to support you, celebrate you, laugh and cry with you, and nourish you to thrive

Nourish your Wild Self - And Realize Your True Power

What inspired this program

"It's time to bring the medicine home."

These were the words I heard in my head as my plane took off from Peru for the USA. 

I had just spent 7 months immersing in the shamanic traditions of Peru, connected to the magical Andes of the Sacred Valley, honoring the Earth, working with plant medicine and aligning myself with these very new, very healing energies and practices.

I knew it was time to integrate, not only for myself – but to become a bridge for this deeply healing and activating work to reach those back in my homeland. 

As I continue to walk the medicine path and expand my learnings, I know that sharing this work is a vital part of the journey. Medicine & Magic was born from my desire to weave the medicine work in Peru with my existing tools + practices of holistic healing and transformational personal & spiritual growth work. 

Who is this experience for?

Medicine & Magic is for those who are ready to step into self-healing, empowerment & creation.
If you feel the call – or if you resonate with the below – this experience is for you.
  • You feel disconnected from your power lately – struggling to find your energy – and are ready to plug back in to inspiration.
  • You’re finished living in fear and are ready to live with courage and intention. 
  • You seek a deeper connection to your intuition, inner wisdom, and authentic truth – and the courage & power to act on it all. 
  • You are on a path of uncovering your purpose and potential, and desire a community-based journey to deepen your exploration of your unique life path and all it entails. 
  • You yearn to become your own healer, awaken the magic you KNOW you are here to create, and activate your unique genius in this lifetime. 
  • You resonate with the healing power of nature and seek tools to step into your wild essence and cultivate greater energy and holistic connection to yourself and the world around you.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

-- Marianne Williamson

The journey in detail

Together we will journey through self-healing, empowerment, and awakening your unique magic within.

Note: There will be eight weeks of content + learning/practice sessions and two integration weeks with community connection sessions (no new content), giving you time to practice and integrate the new tools into your life. 

Part 1: Self-Healing

Medicine Tools to Ground, Heal, Connect
(Weeks 1-3)

Our journey begins where we began – in the Earth, back with our roots. You’ll discover earth-based tools for self-healing, nourishing your inner being, and replenishing your natural energy.  

We’ll explore the power of ceremony and somatic practice, creating a sacred space and self-healing ritual, nourishing your inner child, tools for tapping into your creativity and flow, and releasing subconscious blocks to your power.

Grow & Nourish Your Roots
  • Centering & grounding practices
  • Creating your sacred space & altar
  • Designing your self-healing ritual
  • Sound and breathwork tools
  • Working with power animals
  • Earth-based connection practices
Flow, Release & Create
  • Emotional healing and release practices
  • Somatic work for emotional healing
  • Rituals for release & renewal
  • Tapping into creativity and flow energy
  • Inner child nourishment + self-care

Part 2: Ignite Your Inner Fire

Sparking the Flame of Your Inner Calling
(Weeks 5-7)

We’ll then move up into our power center, activating the inner fire needed for aligned purpose and self-actualization. This is where you begin channeling your creative energy in a focused direction with clarity, confidence, and commitment.

You’ll explore fire ritual and the alchemy of transformation, balancing masculine/feminine energies for an open warrior heart, boundary work, finding power in vulnerability, cultivating confidence and focus, radical self-care practices, and gain clarity on your unique form of magic.

Hone Into Your Power
  • Daily rituals for empowerment
  • Fire ritual for transformation
  • Boundary & confidence work
  • Somatic tools for personal power
  • Purpose & strengths exploration
Meet Your Inner Light Warrior
  • Masculine/feminine energy balance
  • Mind/body/heart integration
  • Authentic relating and communication
  • Finding and sharing your voice
  • Turning vision into action (magic!)

Part 3: Expand Your Potential

Making Your Magic and Soaring to New Possibilities
(Weeks 9-10)

The final stage of our journey brings you into your highest vision for your life, and the energetic tools to take you there. You’ll strengthen the voice of your intuition and inner voice, learning to trust the flavor of your unique magic in the world. 

You’ll explore your inner wisdom, the expanses of your potential, and practice and integrate everything you’ve learned so you will embody this new way of being moving forward. You will create your own ceremony to anchor in this sacred connection with yourself and be witnessed in your magic by our tribe.

Intuition & Magic
  • Intuition-building practices
  • Breathwork and somatic expression
  • Channeling your vision
  • Working with the element of air
Celebrate your Vision
  • Opening your voice & truth
  • Design your own personal ceremony
  • Anchoring in your vision
  • Gaining new perspectives

Note: The above program may be modified to include alternative/additional content based on what the group most needs!

We will be determining the call times once the group has formed, so we can schedule at a time that works for everyone. Please note that if you need to miss a live call, all sessions will be recorded and you will have 24/7 access to the community virtually, and to me by email! 

Come Home to the Medicine You Hold Within.

The magic of community

Perhaps the most valuable part of Medicine & Magic is the tight-knit community of soul tribe who will accompany you on your path. 

Authentic, deep connection is in itself a medicine – and it’s one we’ll be tapping into during this program. You will receive not only a plethora of tools and practices, but a solid community to support you in creating and stepping into your purpose, power, and potential. 

There is more value than you can imagine in witnessing and supporting the journey of others upleveling as you all rise together – and creating a safe and closely-knit space to explore all the parts of you – your light, your shadows, your power, and everything in between.

Your Guide

Hi, I’m Kristina – and I am so excited to be your guide for this journey of channeling your inner medicine and awakening your magic into the world. 

Over the past 10 years, I have been on a massive journey of deep inner work through travel, yoga and meditation, studying Eastern teachings and healing modalities in Asia, and most recently, shamanism and plant medicine in the Sacred Valley of Peru. I am passionate about understanding the human psyche, finding healing somatically through the body, and learning to fully integrate and express my own medicine & magic into the world – so I can help my clients do the same. 

It is my honor and joy to walk alongside you in your own process of awakening and discovery – our Tribe is your safe space to bring ALL the parts of you, so that you can shine in your purest and brightest potential

You can learn more about my work here on my About page, listen to this podcast episode that dives deeper into my journey, or get in touch with me directly with any questions you may have about this experience! 


Medicine & Magic Journey: $497

Early Bird (until Sept. 24): $397

Note: If funds are difficult for you but you feel called to the journey, please get in touch with me directly via the form below to set up a pay-what-you-can arrangement, or email me  directly at

I am also offering additional support for this journey, if you feel called to dive deeper 1-1 together.  

Additional private sessions (beyond the one included) can help you more deeply integrate this work into your life. These sessions (priced at a discount for participants) blend intuitive coaching, embodiment/energy work, and diving into the intricacies of your specific journey. There will be some additional prep materials for you to complete before our private sessions so we can make the most out of our time together!

Join the medicine & Magic journey

Next dates announced soon

Choose Your Journey (additional private session options below:)

Medicine & Magic + 1 private session (60 min)


Medicine & Magic + 1 private session (60 min)


LoVe from Past Clients 💕

Kristina is one of the brightest lights I’ve ever seen in this world, honestly – so to get to spend a week with her was the greatest gift.

One thing that really stands out about Kristina is this spectrum of depth, the huge capacity she has for depth on a deep, soul, love, compassion level – and then her capacity for joy, play, humor, and dance... she just has this huge capacity and breadth for all of the things – feeling the emotion, and the experience of life. For me, being around Kristina and being taught by her is really just to experience life in the fullest. 
-- Jamie Grant (Awaken the Magic Retreat)
It was amazing. It gives me chills to say this. I felt reached on a spiritual level, understood and met, and also inspired, energized, and really touched by everyone in the group. It was one of the first times in my life where I've felt I could show up and be exactly who I am, where I am, and be held with appreciation. That's really rare. To be seen and held and to see and hold other people in their awakening -- which is imperfect and beautiful. It's a profound experience. AND, it was also equally playful and magical! Usually, you have either a serious "transformative" space, or a playful one, but this group was both! And, I really loved everyone in it. Thank you, Kristina.
-- Heather Schwarz (True Self Program)
Kristina’s Soul on Fire Retreat was amazing. I can’t even explain how much magic there was and how beautifully it all came together with the people, the teachers, the exercises, the adventures, the food, the mix of work and relaxation. It all just added up to such a magical weekend.

I came into this feeling introverted and in my head, and the shared journey and adventures and yoga and ceremony and creative exercises cracked open my heart and allowed me to be relaxed and open and really flowing both in my personal and professional development.

Kristina is an awesome facilitator who really created a transformational space for us all on the retreat. She possesses the perfect blend of being a strong leader with great skills (especially yoga!), but also an equal member of the family we formed together.
-- Mike Iskandar (Soul on Fire Retreat)
What I love about Kristina's coaching is her presence, attention, and focus... there aren't many people who have that gift, so it's very special to connect with someone who sees you and hears your truth! I felt like you saw in me what what I couldn't see in myself, and was what blocking me for all those years.

Since you opened my eyes to my truth I now wake up every morning with a lighter heart because now I know what's my purpose. You helped me to see the potential in me and that's a beautiful gift to give to anyone in this world! And finally you helped me to find a business ideas that is related to my story and my life experiences which is what I have been looking for, for so many years!
-- Judith Gregoire (Private coaching)

Fantastic program! I loved the content, practices, and meeting new people with a similar mindset. Kristina is not only an amazing person but also a great teacher. She's very knowledgable and is a real example of living on purpose. I'm very happy that I decided to join this program as it has been very nourishing and has opened my heart and mind to new possibilities.
-- Rocio Escalante (True Self Program)

I don't know how Kristina did it, but within 30 minutes of our theta healing session I could clearly see the root of some massive blocks I'd been experiencing in both my business and personal life for months (possibly years!). It was like peeling an onion where deep layers of blocks that had been holding me back were being identified and removed... I've never experienced anything like it before. I came out of our session (which was all done over a video call) with so much clarity, profound insights into my own pysche, and a clear path ahead to move forwards.
-- Leanne Beesley (Healing sessions)
Kristina is an amazing facilitator who creates beautiful space for transformation. She’s truly in her element when guiding a group – her openness, availability, and passion for sharing this work is such a special experience.
-- Janie Lin (Soul on Fire Retreat)


Questions you may have about the True Self Journey:

You can think of the True Self journey as a bit of both! We’ll be moving through 6 modules where you’ll receive a vast toolkit of practices to help you uncover and activate your True Self. 

We’ll also be meeting for six 90-minute group sessions where you’ll receive a blend of group coaching, live practice of the week’s material, and group discussion and embodiment to help us bond and grow together as a community.

The live calls will be a great way to bond in real-time with our community, and to receive live coaching and move through the practices together as a group. While it’s ideal if you can be on as many live calls as possible, you will absolutely still benefit from the program if you have to catch some of the recordings instead. You will receive all of the program materials through a course portal, that you can work through on your own time.

We will also have a community group set up that will be yours for 24/7 access and support from your tribe throughout the journey. You’ll also have email access to me for any questions or support that you need – essentially, you can think of True Self as a family of fellow light warriors dedicated to helping each other to uplevel and rise – the live calls are one place we’ll connect throughout the journey, but by no means the only place. 

True Self is a 6-part journey that we will all move through together. You will receive access to the materials during Weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. (Week 3 and 6 will be integration weeks – we won’t have calls or new material during those weeks, but you’ll continue to connect with the tribe and use the practices we’ve worked with so far.) 

Once you receive the material for each week, you can feel free to work through that at whatever pace you like! You can also always go back to material from past weeks to review and refresh – the practices build upon each other and deepen as we go along, and it can always be helpful to go back and check in with past reflections and exercises to feel how you’ve shifted along the way. 

We will have 6 weeks of material and 6 progressive sections of the True Self journey, spread over 8 weeks together. 

I find that with any journey like this, it’s so incredibly vital to have time to integrate along the way. These two Integration Weeks (at Week 3 and Week 6) give you time to catch up with the material, go back through past practices, and to simply connect with the community about everything we’ve done so far, before moving to the next part of the journey. 

It’s totally up to you. The addition of 1-1 sessions will help us create a container for you to go even deeper and set specific intentions and goals that I can support you with along the journey. We can also dive into specific areas you’re looking for support with, and move though any blockages in a potent 60-minute session.

However,  this journey is designed for you to activate all of your energy centers and equip you with a vast toolkit of practices and embodied learnings that will benefit and support your journey, with or without the additional 1-1 sessions! And you’ll always have access to me directly in our group mentorship sessions on Wednesdays. <3

Questions? Want to connect?

Get in touch with me below!
Or send me an email at
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