Envision & Design Your New Year

A Creative and Immersive Workshop to Release 2020 and Boldly Embody Your Vision for 2021

Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020
4:00pm – 6:30pm/EST on Zoom
(PDF Visioning Workbook Provided)

It’s no secret that this year has challenged us all, pushing us to limits we never knew we had. 

It may feel difficult right now to envision your big dreams, desires and plans for 2021 – (after all, didn’t most of us tear up our vision boards from 2020?!)😆

But living in a world of uncertainty is a better reason than EVER to consciously envision and create our future – and to do so together. This is a time to become empowered in your vision and intentions, and commit to taking action on the life you desire to create in this coming year – 

Because in order to see change… we must first BECOME it. 

Learn My Creative and Embodied Process
for Mapping Out Your Vision


This workshop is all about giving you tangible tools to tap into your core desires, intentions, and vision for your year to come, in all areas of your life – from your relationships, work/business and health to creative life and connection to your higher purpose and longer-term goals

Mapping out any new vision begins with reflecting on and releasing the old – we’ll gently integrate the lessons, challenges and gifts (yes, we’ll find them!) from 2020, so we can create upon a clean slate and compelling vision moving into 2021.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Are fired up for a fresh start in the New Year, and seeking a solid method to develop and map out your vision
  • Are exhausted from 2020 and ready to energetically release for a fresh start
  • Desire a space for self-reflection and inspiration for the year to come
  • Love getting creative and embodied with intention-setting and life planning
  • Want to reclaim your power and sovereignty as we enter 2021
  • Are open to working with your own energy as a creative tool
  • Seek a soulful collective space to reflect, envision and co-create your dreams 

Workshop Details:

We’ll meet for a 2.5 hour workshop on Dec. 31 (New Years Eve!) to dive deep into where you are now, and where you desire to be. You’ll learn my visioning process and leave with a clear path to step boldly and intentionally into 2021. Please arrive in a private space where you can move freely!

You will receive:

  • A PDF workbook before the workshop to kickstart your reflection + envisioning process
  • A creative and engaging process of reflection and designing your vision
  • Energetic and embodiment practices to support your empowerment
  • A soulful community to co-create and inspire one another as we move into 2021 
  • A recording of our session to refer back to for future visionin

Join Us to Co-Create Your New Vision for 2021

Thursday, Dec 31
4:00pm – 6:30pm/EST

Zoom link and PDF Visioning Workbook to be provided after registration

Investment: $33

(Donation also available below for those under financial strain.)

To join the workshop, please enter your name and email, and I will send your PDF Workbook and payment link.

Note: If funds are an issue for you, I am also accepting donations for the session based on what’s available for you to contribute!

Love From My Clients:

I don't know how Kristen did it, but within 30 minutes of our session I could clearly see the root of some massive blocks I'd been experiencing in both my business and personal life for months (possibly years!). It was like peeling an onion where deep layers of blocks that had been holding me back were being identified and removed... I've never experienced anything like it before. I came out of our session (which was all done over a video call) with so much clarity, profound insights into my own pysche, and a clear path ahead to move forwards.
Leanne Beesley
Kristen's retreat took me on a very deep and meaningful journey within my self. I set an intention before I came here, around things I wanted to shift, and some desires of my heart – and the retreat was so beautiful designed to take me on that journey within myself. I’m leaving feeling deeply empowered, connected, and excited – and it deepened a lot of insights I have about myself, and gave me practical tools to go out and move some mountains and make some big shifts in my life! I’m so deeply, deeply grateful for this experience.
Jamie Grant
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