Periodically, I host ceremonies to bring us deeper into our heart space and to honor the natural rhythms of nature and the land. These ceremonies are space to gather as a collective, connect to our inner wisdom, share authentically with one another, and clear away old energies so we may step forward renewed. 

In ceremony we may utilize various plant medicines such as cacao and rapé, shamanic tools, breathwork and meditation, journaling and deep connective practices, and visioning tools. Feel free to bring any ceremonial tools you love to work with! 

Stay tuned for upcoming ceremonies
(both live and virtual) to be announced.

Cacao Ceremonies

The New Moon is a time of setting intentions and planting new seeds in a time of fresh potential. Combined with heart-opening cacao medicine, it’s the perfect time to get clear on what we want to create in this next phase.
This circle/ceremony will be a space to clear old energies from the past lunar cycle and set clear, aligned intentions for what you desire to bring into your life over the next few weeks.
The ceremony will include a discussion of the New Moon energy and all that entails, followed by a short breathwork journey and meditation, connective practices, intention-setting, and calling in our next phase with the cacao medicine!

We will harness the power of the elements, the breath, the sacred energy of ceremony and connection, and the magic of Cacao – a powerful, heart-opening elixir that activates the heart chakra and creates space for deeper connection with ourselves, others, and our truth to come forth. 
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