The Adventure Of a Lifetime Awaits You...

As Your Soul's Freedom is Calling

September 7 - 15, 2019

When did you last LET GO of all the noise in your life….
WALK AWAY from the chaos to connect to your clarity and freedom within…
When did you last feel VIBRANT, ENERGIZED, and CONNECTED to your powerful body, mind, and soul?
When was the last time you took SPACE to connect to your inner TRUTH

This is no regular journey – this is a pilgrimage. 
A sacred journey – through the countryside of Portugal and Spain… and the depths within your own heart.
An opportunity to reconnect to a childlike sense of PLAY, WONDER, and FLOW...
To release what’s been holding you back…
And reclaim what you’re CALLING IN.

Let your intuition flow and speak clearly. 
Open your heart to greater depths of love and connection.
Reclaim your freedom and creative power.


Step Forth on a Pilgrimage of Powerful Creation

Join 11 other freedom-seekers on an 8-day sacred pilgrimage to your innermost TRUTH, CLARITY, and FREEDOM

The Camino de Santiago has been a sacred ritual for hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who have come before – and for us, an opportunity for profound transformation, healing, and liberation as we transcend our limitations, connect deeply with our body and spirit, and embark on an inner and outer adventure  walking 140km over 8 days through the countryside of Portugal and Spain. 

A Sacred Journey: The Camino de Santiago

“What you see is seeking you” 
— Rumi

Over 8 days, we will spend our days walking, simplifying, connecting, shedding, and embodying our deepest TRUTH and highest FREEDOM. 

Each year, thousands of spiritual seekers come to walk this sacred Way – for a multitude of reasons. 

Some come to seek greater connection to themselves and to nature… others come for the physical challenge. 

Others still come to this journey to release old parts of themselves, and step into something new. 

There is a magic on the Camino that sweeps you into a journey of freedom and synchronicity.

Together, we will harness the power into personal transformation and evolution. 

What is the Camino de Santiago?

The Camino de Santiago (or Way of Saint James) is an ancient network of pilgrim routes all leading to Santiago de Compostela, traveled by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and spiritual seekers over the past centuries. 

As far as official history goes… back in the 9th century, the body of Saint James the Apostle was unearthed by a shepherd in a field in Galicia. Saint James had died 800 years prior, and his body transported to the area by two disciples led by angels – not to be found for nearly a century. Once his body was discovered, King Alfonso II (in reign at the time) had a chapel commissioned in Santiago de Compostela to house the remains of St. James – which transformed into the monumental cathedral it is today. 

Thousands and thousands of pilgrims left home to walk hundreds of kilometers through Europe to honor St. James – creating a network of pilgrim trails still traveled today by spiritual seekers from the world over.


The Camino Freedom Journey Experience

We will be walking a 140-km stretch of the Portugese Way – from Ponte de Lima to Santiago de Compostela, over 8 days of walking (pictured at left.)

  • Meet in Porto on Sat, September 7 for Group Orientation + Register as a Pilgrim
  • Depart Sat for an 8-day journey walking through Portugal and Spain (15-30km daily)
  • Stay in 7 different towns on way to Santiago de Compostela
  • Daily yoga, meditation, journaling, workshops and explorations
  • Guided inner journey and support for freedom and transformation
  • Sacred group container for diving deep on the journey together
  • Local meals, culture, and experiences (4 days Portugal, 5 days Spain)
  • Immerse with pilgrims and other spiritual seekers from around the world
  • Mind/Body/Spirit connective experience
  • Highly encouraged to digital detox from technology

The Journey Includes:

  • Camino pre-planning guide
  • Pre-journey prep call and coaching session with Kristen
  • Full accommodation (9 days, 8 nights) on the Camino (7 nights on the Camino, final night in Santiago de Compostela)
  • Group Orientation in Porto on Saturday
  • All transportation (bus to our starting point and back to Porto)
  • Pilgrim’s passport + walking poles
  • Nightly full dinner (see below for more details on food!)
  • Daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Transformational guided 8-day Freedom Journey – including daily tools and practices, group workshops, visioning, and energy work
  • One deep-dive session to be used during the journey
  • Tight-knit tribe of freedom-seekers on this journey together
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Pilgrim’s Mass + Final Completion Ceremony
  • Post-journey integration session
  • … and a few other surprises 🙂 )

The Phases of Our Journey:

Immersing into our natural surroundings and embodied through daily walking, you’ll align with your natural rhythms and energy, become vibrantly present, and clear your physical, mental, and emotional space. 

What has been holding you back?
What are you letting go?
What does freedom mean to you? 

Reconnect with your body and soul, dive deep into who and where you are now, who you are becoming, and where you want to be. You’ll tap into your highest self, deepest truth, and powerful message and mission you’re expressing with your life.

Who are you at your core?
How can you master your mindset?
What are your life’s foundational pillars?



With renewed clarity and rejuvenation, your slate is now cleared for epic creation. Through contemplation, reflection and expression in both individual and collectives space, you’ll reveal your freest, vibrant self as we complete our journey.

What are you creating?
What are you here to express?
What impact are you here to make?

Food on the Camino de Santiago

Our journey will be fueled by the incredible flavors of the west coast of Portugal and Galecia region of Spain. 

From marinated octopus and oysters to perfectly crusty bread, flavorful cheeses, and the famed Poblano Peppers crusted with rock salt…
All washed down with local crisp vino bianco or rich tinto… 

At the risk of giving too much away…(surprise is half the fun, right?!) …I can promise, we will eat well!!

How Our Meals Will Work

Each day, we will gather for a full group dinner together (included in the price of the journey.) 
Our meals will vary based on the region and where we decide to eat as a group – but will include a full course meal with bread/appetizer, entree, and beverage.

You’ll have the freedom to choose your own breakfast and lunch (not included in the journey.) 
Because our days will vary in structure, breakfast and lunch will be more “on the go.”
We may stock up on fruits and breads to bring on the trail with us, or stop at cafes for small meals on the way. 
Simply because of the varying nature of our days and mealtimes (other than dinner), you’ll cover your breakfast and lunch. 

General Food / Breakfast and Lunch costs on the Camino: 
Coffee: €1-2
Breakfast (bread/fruit, eggs, cereals): €2-3
Local lunch at a cafe/restaurant: €4-10

Our Accommodations

We will be staying in a variety of accommodations on this journey – mainly in “albergues” – the Spanish name for a guest house created especially for pilgrims on the Camino trail!

This is the best way to experience the genuine spirit and culture on the Camino, and to meet other travelers from around the world. 

Over 10 days and 9 nights, we will stay in 9 different guest houses along the Camino Portugese Way. Some nights will be more group-centered for us to connect as a collective, and others will be more immersed in the larger pilgrim culture. We will stay in private albergues and guest houses, all clean and comfortable to give us the good night’s rest we need for our journey!

Sample Daily Schedule:

6:00 – 7:30am – Yoga and meditation practice
7:30 – 8:00am – Breakfast
8:00 – 12:00pm – Walking the Camino
12:00 – 1:00pm – Lunch
1:00 – 2:30pm – Walking the Camino
2:30 – 3:00pm – Check into Albergue
3:00 – 6:00pm – Personal time, rest/reflection
6:00 – 7:00pm – Group workshop/debrief
7:00 – 8:30pm – Dinner
8:30 – 10:00pm – Evening activities / sleep

You'll Leave With:

  • Tools for clarifying and connecting to your goals, purpose, intuition, and deepest truth
  • Greater levels of vitality and energy 
  • Increased freedom from energetic blocks
  • Deeper connection to your body,  to your inner truth, and your keys to freedom
  • Rejuvenation and reconnection to the natural world
  • Access to your own state of connection and flow 
  • Daily practices to connect deeply to your inner guidance
  • Inner space and clarity / digital detox
  • A new soul family of fellow freedom-seekers
  • Continued support on your personal freedom journey


Early Bird (before July 31): $1097
Regular price (after July 31): $1297

Your spot will be reserved with a $200 deposit – made after submitting your application below! 

Apply to Join:

This will be an intimate journey with a curated group of freedom-seekers. 
If you are feeling called to this experience, I’d love you to fill out a brief application below! 

Meet Kristen

Kristen is a certified holistic mindset and wellness coach, yoga instructor and healer with a passion for bringing people back to their most powerful essence, purpose, and truth. In her events, workshops and programs, Kristen weaves together her background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with  holistic health and mindset, yoga, energy healing and transformational travel and retreats. 

Her coaching and healing approach combines a unique array of tools, models, and philosophies that she has gained and studied over 10 years of traveling and working in personal development. She believes we all hold a deep wisdom in our bodies, and incorporates movement and embodiment practices into the journey of personal transformation.

Kristen’s coaching work is intuitive, empathetic, and a dynamic blend of psychology and spirituality that empowers her clients to build a deeper, loving relationship with themselves, and to take action on the path to fulfilling their true potential. She adores holding spaces for groups on sacred journeys, and believes they are one of the most powerful containers for transformation. 

Love From Past Participants!

Kristen’s Soul on Fire Retreat was amazing. I can’t even explain how much magic there was and how beautifully it all came together with the people, the teachers, the exercises, the adventures, the food, the mix of work and relaxation. It all just added up to such a magical weekend.

Over these 4 days, I went from Closed Mike to Open Mike! I came into this feeling introverted and in my head, and the shared journey and adventures and yoga and ceremony and creative exercises cracked open my heart and allowed me to be relaxed and open and really flowing both in my personal and professional development.

Kristen is an awesome facilitator who really created a transformational space for us all on the retreat. She possesses the perfect blend of being a strong leader with great skills (especially yoga!), but also an equal member of the family we formed together.
Mike Iskandar

I was AMAZED at the intense bonds that were made at the Soul on Fire Retreat in such a short time! We became just like a 24-hour family. This retreat was an incredible experience – great workshops, insanely beautiful location, and amazing yoga classes. There was such an ease to the days – I felt like I was really growing, expanding, and connecting the entire time.

Kristen is an amazing facilitator who creates beautiful space for transformation. She’s truly in her element when guiding a group – her openness, availability, and passion for sharing this work is such a special experience.

Janie Lin

Praise for Kristen's Coaching and Teaching

What I love about your coaching is your presence, your attention, and focus... there aren't many people who have that gift, so it's very special to connect with someone who sees you and hears your truth! I felt like you saw in me what what I couldn't see in myself, and was what blocking me for all those years.

Since you opened my eyes to my truth I now wake up every morning with a lighter heart because now I know what's my purpose. You helped me to see the potential in me and that's a beautiful gift to give to anyone in this world! And finally you helped me to find a business ideas that is related to my story and my life experiences which is what I have been looking for, for so many years!
Judith Gregoir
Wellness Teacher
Kristen’s yoga classes were amongst the best I’ve ever attended. Her attention to each student’s needs (and consequent adaptation of poses), to their wellbeing throughout the class, to the sequence and pace of the class, was excellent every time.

In addition, she is adept at ensuring that every person feels welcome and safe, no matter their experience level, and her personal warmth quickly puts everyone at ease! Kristen is truly gifted as a yoga instructor - in an industry where there are many people who don’t belong in it, she is one of the few who really do, who push the bar for what yoga can be for each individual and as a collective experience.
Steph Lisa Kelly
Coach and Designer
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