Cacao Ceremonies

You might have heard that dark chocolate is good for you… and it is (when you consume raw cacao!) But beyond its delicious taste, cacao is a sacred plant medicine that’s been used in centuries-old rituals for prayer, celebration, and lifting the spirits and opening the hearts of the community. 

Cacao is a powerful elixir that facilitates heart opening, deep connection to self and other, opening of intuition, embodiment, and gentle healing.  Sitting with this medicine in a ceremonial setting is a beautiful way to balance and nourish your energy, realign to your current intentions in your life, and connect with other beautiful souls in a sacred and authentic space together. 

Everyone loves chocolate – but meeting this medicine in a new way is an opportunity to deepen into your own spiritual practice and emotional world. A cacao ceremony guides you gently into connection with yourself and others, together cultivating a web of more awakened hearts and consciousness. 

What happens during a cacao ceremony?

In our cacao ceremony, we connect to the spirit of cacao in a sacred space, inviting this medicine to open our hearts and help us connect deeply with ourselves and one another.

Gathering together to drink cacao invites inspiration, creativity, connection and gentle healing. 

After drinking the cacao, we will move through connective and embodiment practices including meditation + breathwork, movement, pair and group connection, and reflective journaling to dive deeply into our intuition, visions & dreams, and creative potential.

This ceremony circle will be a space to clear old energies and use the power of cacao + connection to awaken your creative energy and set clear, aligned intentions for what you desire to bring into your life over the coming weeks. You will leave with a new connection to yourself and our community, a feeling of openness in your heart, and new inspiration to bring with you into all of your life endeavors.

Benefits of Cacao:

🤎 Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

🤎 Improves mood and reduces depression

🤎 Reduces blood pressure

🤎 Heart-opening, reflective, connective

🤎 High in magnesium, flavenols (antioxidant)

🤎 Improves blood flow to brain

🤎 Immune-stimulating and cancer preventing properties

🤎 Deepens connection to self and intuition, spiritual realm

🤎 Ideal for reflection, meditation, visioning, creativity

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