Broccoli Cabbage Tabbouleh with Salsa

Broccoli Cabbage Tabbouleh with Salsa

After a busy morning of yoga and working on our businesses, Samara and I were craving something fun and different! Today, a regular old salad just wasn’t going to cut it! I’ve recently discovered how fun it is to throw veggies in the Cuisinart and watch them turn into a “rice”-like consistency.

Throw some sauce on there and you have a rice-like dish that’s definitely satisfying, and won’t leave you weighed down and sleepy like a bowlful of carbs will. Nope – a huge bowl of this is ENERGIZING and you’ll feel like taking on the world after! And since the more colorful your meal is, the more nutrient-dense it is… this meal is absolutely chock-full of everything you need to be and feel completely vitalized! 

Broccoli Cabbage Tabbouleh with Salsa



Purple Cabbage

Olive Oil






Bok choy and cabbage leaves for garnish

Blend broccoli, cabbage and olive oil in a Cuisinart or food processor until it reaches a rice-like or quinoa-like consistency. Set aside. Blend all ingredients for salsa in blender or food processor, add salt and pepper to taste. Serve tabbouleh with bok choy or cabbage for garnish, top with salsa, and enjoy!

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