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A Powerful Life Comes From Powerful Questions

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to partake in an Authentic Relating training in Boulder.

This was a space where 25 humans came together to explore the dance of emotional connection and intimacy in relationship…

That first morning brought up SO much in my being…. emotions that had been laying dormant, expressions that needed to be released, and parts of me that POWERFULLY wanted to emerge.

At lunchtime, trying to find a way to release and process all this energy, I went for a solo walk and left myself voice memos that turned into a stream of consciousness around powerful questions and ways to uplevel.

(I actually forgot about these until the other day, when I was on a plane to Portugal. You know, when you accidentally pack your Kindle and books, so dig into your phone to find the most entertaining non-internet tuff on your phone? VOICE MEMOS, people  

So why do I share this with you?

Because I believe that a powerful life is based on asking ourselves powerful questions.

Essentially – If you aren’t getting the results you WANT…. start asking yourself different questions.

Seeking the answers to BETTER questions will naturally call you into a HIGHER version of you.

It has to. 

I wanted to share these questions with you, because hearing them again reminded me the POWER and INTENTION I felt at the time…

And because now, I feel clearly that these questions were not just meant for me.

Yes, it’s a long list.  I’m curious to hear, do any of these questions resonate with you? And what kinds of questions do you use to help move to your own next level?

△ What does it look like to be fully self-expressed?
△ What does it look like to be fully IN the game?
△ How can I bring my gifts as powerfully to the world as possible?
△ What does it look like to be playing at my edge?
△ What does it feel like to be serving profoundly?
△ Who are the people I can BEST impact right now?
△ What does it feel like to be fully in my power?
△ What needs to be released right now?
△ How do I release what needs to go?
△ What are the blockages that are keeping me small or stuck in the past?
△ What triggers are holding me back from my potential right now?
△ How are my judgments of others a reflection of myself?
△ What does it look like to be on the path of my purpose?
△ What does it feel like to be in flow?
△ What does a life of meaning & impact look and feel like?
△ What kinds of boundaries will help me protect my energy?
△ How can I step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself today?
△ What does it look like to be truly intentional with my time and energy?
△ How can I become a better empathetic listener?
△ How can I recognize and create healthy relationships?
△ How can I make those around me feel truly loved, seen, and heard?
△ What does it feel like to fully trust and surrender to the flow of life?
△ How will I know when I am aligned with my truth?
△ What does it look and feel like to embody my core values?
△ What will it take to fully forgive people I’m holding onto resentment from in my past?
△ What are the non-negotiable elements for my best life?
△ If my thoughts create my reality, how do I manage and master my mindset?
△ What does it look like to integrate my many parts, embracing and allowing them all?
△ What would happen if I gave myself full permission to be my authentic self?
△ How can I love my inner child today?
△ How do I get paid abundantly to be myself?
△ What does it feel like to know that life is truly magical?
△ What patterns in my inner world have been showing up in my outer world?
△ What is one thing I can do today to expand into growth?
△ How can I create more joy around me?
△ What is really underneath my tendency to compare myself to others?
△ What does success actually mean to me?
△ What does it look like for me to practice self-mastery on a daily basis?
△ Who can I love deeply today?
△ What next great challenge am I being called to take on?

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