If your heart is called to the wild adventure of inner exploration, empowered healing and creation, heart-centered community and vibrant soul-led Living... welcome home.

Remember your wholeness, your gifts, your passion, your aliveness. 

Remember what it feels to thrive with your energy flowing freely, trusting your intuition and your body.

I am here to help you to re-integrate into wholeness, and remember the medicine you carry within.

Welcome, and thank you so much for joining me here!

I’m Kristen, an Integrative Somatic Practitioner, Transformational Coach,
and Integration Guide. 

But of course, that only represents a small part of who I am – like you, a multi-dimensional being constantly in the process of exploring, shifting, and expanding in this life.   

I am a writer, a traveler, an artist, an adventurer, and ever a student of the great Mystery of Life. My own path through healing has been winding and profound, and it is a gift to be in service of others seeking truth, healing, and fulfillment in their lives.

My Work & How I Can Support You:

Soul Alchemy Mentorship

A four-month 1-1 container for deep inner transformation and empowerment in walking your soul path

Design your destiny

A 10-week Shamanic & Yogic Journey  to Embody Your
Creative Liberation and Soul Purpose (Group Experience)

upcoming workshops & ceremonies

Peru Medicine

Welcome to a community based in holistic wellness, creative expression, and deep connection with and exploration of the inner and outer worlds that reflect our true nature within. 

This is an eclectic healing space where all parts of you are welcome. Where all parts of you are needed in order to live the full life you’re meant to live.

This is a space to exit your comfort zone, and choose to journey in trust and surrender to the great mystery, knowing you are held and supported to shed old skins, and discover the truth of what and who you are.
Here, we celebrate creativity and emotion, healing and challenge, Earth and awakening.
We collaborate in a quest to co-create a better world, knowing that the change
 starts from within each and every one of us.

Within the body, we find the answers we are seeking…

Within the body, we connect back to the wild call of our True Essence.

A glimpse of my home in the Sacred Valley of Peru!

I am currently putting together a program of retreats and workshops for the second half of 2024. 

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